Terms of Service

This Terms (hereinafter referred to as "these Terms") provides terms and conditions relating to vizo 360 (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") provided by vizo Co., Ltd. (the "Company" It is what we set about.

Article 1 (Acceptance of the Covenant)

By accessing or using this service of our company, you agree to enter into binding agreements with us, accept the Terms and comply with these Terms. Our privacy policies and community policies (including additional provisions added to these and made available to you from time to time, "Additional Terms" below) are also applied to access to this service and use of this service .
In the case where the customer accesses this service or uses this service separately in a jurisdiction where supplementary clauses are prescribed separately, the customer accepts the applicable portion of supplementary clause for specified jurisdiction to be described later and agrees to abide by it I shall assume. If the supplementary clause for a specific jurisdiction over your jurisdiction conflicts with the rest of the Terms, supplementary provisions for specific jurisdictions shall prevail. It is strictly prohibited to access this service from jurisdiction where the content or manner of this service is deemed to be illegal, unauthorized or penalty. Customers not agreeing to these terms, please refrain from accessing this service and using this service.
In the case where the customer accesses the service or uses this service on behalf of the business or organization, (a) "Customer" in this contract shall include the said business or organization, and (b) I express and warrant that it is the representative approved by the project or organization and that you have the authority to bind the project or organization with this agreement and that you agree to this agreement on behalf of that organization and c) Your business or entity shall notify you that you access or use this service and that employees, agents, contractors, etc. belonging to your organization use your account We shall be legally and financially responsible for that.
You acknowledge this agreement by accessing this service or using this service. From the time of accessing this service or using this service, you understand and agree that we will handle it as if you accepted this agreement.
You should print off or save a local copy of the Terms for your records.

Article 2 (Change in the Covenant)

We will be able to modify these Terms by announcing the details of the change and the timing of the change. In case of changing this agreement, the terms after change will apply to all matters concerning fees and other services.

Article 3 (qualification for use of this service)

If you are an underage who is trying to become a user of this service, you will obtain the consent of a legal representative such as a custodian.
This service user shall use this service based on this agreement.
In the event that an individual contract is stipulated within this service, this service user shall use this service based on these terms and individual terms. In addition, if the contents specified in this agreement and the individual agreement are different, the contents specified in the individual contract shall preferentially be applied.
The user of this service shall not allow third parties to use this service user qualification, or lend, transfer, sell or place quality, etc.

Article 4 (About user description information)

The user of this service shall be responsible for user description information that he describes him / herself.
If the user description information violates these Terms and Conditions, the Company shall be able to delete the User Description Information without notifying the user of this Service if we judge it as inappropriate information will do.
We will use all the user description information described in this service by this service user without charge to notify the user of the description who made the description and use it without charge for any other method, You may disclose or use this service user or third party.

Article 5 (About personal information)

The Company shall be able to use the personal information of the user for the following purposes.
a. For providing content and other information provision services and system use services
b. For the sale of products and others of our company and third parties, solicitation solicitation, shipping, service provision
c. Because of advertisement or publicity (including sending of direct mail, sending of e-mail) of the products of the Company and third parties etc.
d. For billing, billing calculation
e. For identity verification, authentication service
f. For after-sales service, inquiries and complaints
g. For the implementation of the questionnaire
h. For sweepstakes, campaign implementation
i. To provide affiliate, point service
j. For investigation, statistics, analysis of marketing data
k. For the development of new services, new functions
l. Maintaining the system and dealing with problems
m. For posting of user description information

The Company shall be able to provide the personal information of the user to a third party in the following cases.
a. When there is consent of the user
b. Where disclosure is requested from the court, the public prosecutor's office, the police, tax office, bar association, or authority with authority pursuant thereto
c. In the case of disclosure to a financial institution, a credit card company, a collecting agency or other payment or a business operator performing substitution in order to settle the fee or other money to be paid to the Company by the user
d. When delegating all or part of the business conducted by the Company to a third party
e. When necessary for the exercise of our rights
f. When disclosing to the person succeeding the business at the time of the succession of the business due to merger, business transfer or other reason
g. When it is accepted by the personal information protection law or other laws and regulations
The Company shall be able to transmit e-mails or other advertisement advertisements to the users of this service for the purpose of advertisement or publicity of third parties of the Company, and the user of this service agrees in advance.

Article 6 (Certification)

The user of this service shall manage the ID and password of the SNS required for ID, password and social login (hereinafter collectively referred to as "ID etc etc.") and other user registration information at its own risk, We assume no responsibility for its management.
If ID of the user of this service is entered in this service, we will consider it as use by this service user.
If the user of this service learns of facts such as identity theft or unauthorized use, we will immediately notify the Company to that effect. In this case, we will respond accordingly as instructed by us.
Even if damage to the user of this service or other third party occurs due to insufficient management of ID etc, use error, use by a third party, etc., the responsibility shall be borne by the user of this service We are not responsible at all. In addition, in the event of damage to our company due to illegal use of ID etc, this user of the service shall indemnify the Company for the damage.

Article 7 (About termination of qualification of this user and qualification)

In the event that the user of this service falls under any of the following items, the Company shall be able to suspend the user's qualification or cancel the user's qualification without notifying this user of the service. Also in this case we will not refund the fee we received.
When it turns out that the contents of notification to our company are contrary to the fact
When duplicate user registration is made
In the event that the Company judges that it unfairly inconvenienced the other users of this service
In case of violation of this agreement or individual contract
In case of damaging our company
When it becomes impossible for us to contact you
In addition, when the Company determines that it is inappropriate as the user of this service

Article 8 (Prohibited act)

The user of this service shall not perform the following acts concerning this service.

Acts that violate laws, laws, regulations, or this agreement or violations
Actions that may be contrary to public order and morals
Acts that promote crime or crime
Acts to use for commercial purposes without our permission
Acts that may cause profits or disadvantages to specific individuals and organizations by disseminating slanderous, slanderous, false information, and personal information
Acts of collecting personal information
Acts that cause a significant load to the server to which this service connects
Actions such as criticisms, insults, intimidation and the like are conducted to the Company in public places, acts to obstruct the operation of this service and acts of damaging the interests of the Company
The act of duplicating, alteration, altering all or part of the contents provided by this service, or decompiling, disassembling, reverse engineering, analyzing and deciphering contents
An act of describing the following information as user description information
a. Those damaging the honor or credibility of our company or others
b. Things that may harm self or another person's life or physical safety
c. Including grotesque, child pornography and other cruel or obscene expressions
d. To discriminate against, slander or slander or harass the Company or a third party, or to encourage them
e. Infringement of patent right, utility model right, design right, trademark right, copyright, portrait right and other rights of others
f. Including harmful programs such as computer virus
g. Those that aim for encounter with heterosexual without knowledge
h. Violate laws or ordinances or public order and morals, or those that are likely to be
i. Anything that violates or is likely to violate these Terms and Conditions
j. Other items that we deemed inappropriate

Article 9 (Conditions for providing this service)

This service is offered as is, and we do not warrant any defect or any other warranty to this user of the service, and we will use it under the responsibility of this user. This service may suspend this service temporarily or alter the contents of this service without notice to this service user due to maintenance or other circumstances of our company.
We do not guarantee that this service will not be discontinued, canceled or other troubles.
We shall not be held liable for any temporary suspension or alteration of this service with or without notice in advance. In addition, even if this service is suspended due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not compensate for the loss of the user description information.
The Company shall not bear any responsibility for damages incurred by the user of this service lost or forgotten the registered information (including those due to the deletion of the application of this service), and shall not be responsible for returning to use for this service We will not do any correspondence etc.
Equipment, communication means, etc. necessary for receiving the provision of this service shall be provided at the cost and responsibility of this user.

Article 10 (Conditions of license)

With regard to the text, images, movies, sounds, web pages and other information provided by this service (collectively referred to as "contents") contained in this Service, It can be used within the range specified by the Company by connecting to the designated facility.
Copyrights and other intellectual property rights, etc. relating to all contents provided by the Company within this service are attributable to the Company or any other right holder concerning the contents, and the patent right owned by the Company , Utility model right, design right, trademark right, copyright, know-how and other intellectual property rights.
This Service User shall not copy, transmit, transfer, lend, translate, adapt or otherwise utilize the contents of the Service in any way.
The user of this service shall not be allowed to license the contents of this service to a third party.
The license of the content of this service is non-exclusive and non-transferable.
The Company shall be able to change the term of validity of the right to use the content at any time.
In the event that the user of this service loses the user's qualification, the right to use the content shall also be extinguished.

Article 11 (Our Responsibility)

We will not compensate for any damages even if damage to the user of this service arises as a result of the measure taken by our company due to the reason attributable to the user of this service.
We assume no responsibility for the completeness, accuracy, certainty, usefulness, etc. of the content of this service, and the information obtained by the service user through this service.
This service user shall use this service within the scope of law. We do not assume any responsibility even if this service user touches Japan and foreign law in connection with the use of this service.
We will indemnify the damage if we injure the user of this service due to our intention or serious negligence.
Regarding this service, we do not know about any troubles that occurred between this service user or between this service user and any other third party. Therefore, regarding these troubles, discussions will be made between the parties and resolved by lawsuits and the like.
We will not guarantee the user description information of this service user or any damage or lost of this service and all the information recorded in this service by this service user due to the withdrawal of this service user, we will not guarantee anything.

Article 12 (Notice from the Company)

Notice from our company is sent by e-mail to the e-mail address registered in our company or by notifying method using the function of this service provided by our company, and when notification by e-mail or function of this service should normally reach , Respectively.

Article 13 (Abolishment of service)

We may terminate this service at any time for our convenience.

Article 14 (Governing Law)

This service and other applicable laws relating to these Terms shall be Japanese law.

Article 15 (Competent Jurisdiction)

The exclusive agreement court of the first instance of the dispute concerning this service shall be the Tokyo District Court.

Established Octoberv 12, 2017